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HR Superstars Summit 2024: Innovate or Stagnate

How HR Can Lead in the Era of AI & Changing Expectations

Join us for this year’s HR Superstars Summit, a virtual half-day event brought to you by 15Five that is designed for strategic HR leaders to connect, learn and grow. 

In the era of AI and rising expectations for HR, it’s time for HR leaders to reassess and redefine their strategies. This year’s summit theme “Innovate or Stagnate” challenges HR leaders to break free from old mindsets and practices that are keeping them stuck, and embrace new ways of thinking and new practices. This summit will dive deep into topics that will help HR leaders shape the future of HR, including how to integrate AI into the function, HR habits to break, and what practices to adopt to make the most impact.

This 3-hour event is packed full of insights and actionable advice from expert HR practitioners, and will include a keynote presentation, panel discussions, and more. Innovate with us or risk stagnation - the choice is yours!

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SESSION 1 | 12pm

Demystifying AI: Unveiling Truths to Transform HR Practices

Dr. Jeff Smith, SVP Product @ 15Five
Stephanie Smith SVP, People and Talent @ Tagboard
Theresa Fesinstine, Founder @


SESSION 2 | 1pm

Keynote: Leaning into the Change Facing Every HR Leader

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith
Emily Diaz, Vice President of Transform @ 15Five


SESSION 3 | 2pm

The Ins and Outs of HR

Adam Weber, Chief Evangelist @ 15Five
Katya Laviolette, Chief People Officer @ 1Password
Dawn Mitchell, Chief People Officer @  HackerOne

Right now, it's important to challenge misconceptions and foster a clear understanding of the potential symbiotic relationship between AI and HR. Our panelists, drawing from their own experiences, will share insights, triumphs, and strategies while dismantling prevailing myths and fears surrounding the integration of HR and AI. By understanding the truths behind the technology, you'll gain the confidence and knowledge needed to steer your HR practices toward a future where AI and HR integrate seamlessly, unlocking untapped potential for organizational growth.


83% of HR leaders now say they are expected to do more as compared to three years ago, and 74% of HR leaders report that their organizations rely more heavily on them, according to Gartner. The HR practices and mindsets of the past are no match for the present moment. Join us for a lively conversation with one of the world’s brightest leadership thinkers on how you can seize the opportunity HR leaders face today, become more strategic, maintain a growth mindset and feel confident at the leadership table in your organization.


Close out this year’s HR Superstars Summit by reflecting on what practices you want to leave behind and what practices you want to embrace for the rest of 2024 and beyond. In this session, a panel of experts will share their own “Ins and Outs” lists and then guide you through a series of exercises that will help you craft your own “Ins and Outs” lists. Then, everyone will have the opportunity to share and contribute their “Ins and Outs” to a collective list that we’ll refine and share after the summit, to give you a true pulse of what strategic leaders are leaving behind and what they’re embracing.